Friday, November 15, 2013

Pray For Philippines

 All my thoughts and prayers for my country. My deepest sympathy for all the victims of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. #BangonPilipinas
photo credits: cgeneramos

The web page i am the cook! will choose to refrain from posting any food pics for now, until i see my affected fellowmen is ok and eating well too.
So much has already been said and seen in the news about how the Super Typhoon devastated the whole of the Vizayas Islands. I sympathize with their situation and doing my best effort to share and how to help on my part. This is a national problem that will not only take months to get resolved, it will take YEARS to rebuild. However, I remain confident that my dear Philippines will rise up, pick up the pieces and move forward from these horrible tragedy. Nothing or no one can crush the BAYANIHAN spirit.

Thank you to the numerous foreign countries that poured in their generous support through financial Aid, food, shelter, medicines, medical equipments and rescue work assistance. May the government speed up the relief efforts and help even the most far flung affected areas. Do it for the love of our country, set aside politics and be sensitive to our fellowmen's needs.

Let's continue the spirit of giving, sharing and praying for one another. Here are various drop off points and ways to help our kababayans.

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