Sunday, December 22, 2013

How To Cook Chap Chae - I Am The Cook! Second Anniversary Blog

Today December 22, 2013 marks the second year anniversary of my food blogpage. A week ago I cooked a Korean dish called Chap Chae (Jap Chae) and learned the whole procedure from one of Chef Boy Logro's guests on his Sunday cooking show. I watched the procedure and listed down what ingredients and the techniques I learned on my notes.The entire process shown on TV is what I followed and wrote as part of my 2nd anniversary blog for the page. :)

Happy 2nd Anniversary I am the COOK! 

When I first blogged about my cooking I was not good at all.I have only one picture shared, my grammar was in all the wrong places and it looks gibberish in all points. No proper introduction, presentation was very simple and no imparting message to leave everyone. In other words I sucked at my first writing right on my own page. But I kept that post for memories sake to remind me how I once wrote and started. Since then,I kept on writing and innovating the techniques I learn along the way until I develop my own style and way of presentation. The step by step procedure is something I use to give the reader a visualized idea of how I prepared the dish. The introduction,watermarked pictures detailed ingredients and tips, trivia along the way is to keep my blog factual, visually appealing and interesting. The technical and practical reasons are my motivation when I start to conceptualize the next dish I will prepare. It has to be budget friendly,with readily available ingredients without sacrificing taste and quality. English is my medium because i want to reach a wide range of readers globally.Writing a blog was a good training ground for my work now as a Creative SEO/Travel Writer.

i thank everyone who read and search for every dish on this page. I am thankful I made this blog page as it helped me a lot to create a good impression to my prospective clients. It serves as a portfolio where it humbly present my work attitude, writing style, grammar, continuous flow of thoughts, and creativity. It also shows I have a full understanding of how valuable original content is and all the technicalities involved in writing and publishing an article. I always appreciate the reason why I  have a blogpage each time I send my resume to publishers and when they ask for work samples, I simply link them back to my page for them to have an idea on how I write, how I work, my English grammar structure and how committed I am with my advocacy. It helped me get a writing contract and good contractors for a work online service platform. The challenge of writing original content like how I do in my own page and now in my work became my goal as well as keeping each post neat, concise and informative.

It takes courage to share topics of interest and your point of views and tell it to the whole world. My advice for those who want to blog? Just write and blog for the love of it. It may not be rewarding at first but it will help you express what is inside you or meet people who are interested in what you share. It can open doors you do not expect to open. It can help establish your own brand, gain friends and followers who share the same passion as you do. I talk about food not because it is the number one internet topic next to photography but it is my passion and where I feel comfortable and fully aware that I can share so much and give the best of me. I may be gone one day but i leave all my works behind and be remembered for what I know and selflessly share. Every part of me and snippets of my life is in every article I wrote. Thanks to everyone who read and shared the page for the last two years. I look forward to more dishes i can make and share to everyone who visits my site. 

To God be the Glory Always!

In memory of Mama Ethel who is the real inspiration why I cook. -HIR

 Chap Chae


1/4 kilo Bean Thread Noodle/Vermicelli (soaked in water for ten minutes and drained)
1/4 kilo Marinated Meat (Beef or pork, must be sliced thinly, marinate in salt and soy sauce only, overnight)

2 carrots, Julienned

Red and Green bell pepper cut into strips

Chopped fresh spring onion

Red Onion sliced thinly

Garlic, finely chopped

Sesame Seeds - toasted

2 eggs, separate the yolk from the white into two bowls. beat lightly

2 tbps. sugar

1/4 cup soy sauce

2 liters of water (for the broth)

2 pieces Beef Cubes

2-3 tbsps. of Sesame Oil

Salt and pepper 


Sear the meat pieces, cook and brown evenly on both sides.

Using the same oil, saute the onions and garlic until translucent.

Give a quick stir fry on the vegetables, do not overcook and set aside.

Prepare the broth where the Vermicelli is to be cooked by mixing sesame oil, water, soy 
sauce, beef cubes and sugar. Season with salt and pepper.

Once it boils, allow to simmer in low heat and taste the broth.

If the taste is ok, add the Vermicelli with the boiled broth, mix well.

Stir evenly until all the broth is absorbed but not to the point that it gets too dry and stick in the pan. add a little sesame oil to loosen the noodles.

Add half of the cooked vegetables and cooked meat, save the rest for toppings and presentation.

Fry the white part of the egg first. Fry the yolk separately. Cut into strips and use as addtional garnish on top of the Chap Chae. Arrange the plating and garnish with cooked meat, vegetables, onion, and eggs. Top with freshly chopped spring onion and toasted sesame seeds.

ohhh yumm! Chap chae is done... Happy eats! :)

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