Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Coffee Jelly ala Haze (Budget Friendly Version)

The cook is back after a long hiatus! I am very sorry for not updating this blog because I concentrated on my work as an online content writer. I commit to write at least
one blog per month now and share new and exciting dishes for you to try at home. For starters, here is what I was busy of-making my Coffee Jelly ala Haze. Coffee Jelly is a famous Japanese dessert which makes use of an espresso enhanced gelatin in a smooth coffee flavored cream and milk base. Here is how to make coffee jelly using local ingredients. In my version, I opted to use budget friendly ingredients without compromising the taste and quality. In some degree, it is quite diverse, because some versions use high priced ingredients, but I assure you that the taste and quality does not suffer. In another blog I will feature the other version of coffee jelly and note down my observation about the difference between the two versions.

I usually prepare coffee jelly when I don't have enough time to make leche flan or fruit salad or when I am too busy making a main dish. Honestly, this is very easy to make, and my family who is so addicted to coffee loves having it chilled and cold. At home, anything that has coffee is greatly appreciated.

To show the budget friendly version of coffee jelly, I used a local coffee, a mixture of condensed and cream in one can (yes, we have it here in the Philippines and it does not cost much), a local gelatin powder mix, sugar, water and vanilla. The ingredients has a yield capacity of 1.3 liters or one tub of ice cream, good for six coffee addicts. :)

While a few people usually end their meal with a cup of coffee, my idea here is, to enjoy coffee in another way, which is to chill the coffee and cream in a dessert style served in a shot glass for a change. Please try my simple version of Coffee Jelly, it will not only satisfy your caffeine fix, but it is also affordable and easy to make!

Coffee Jelly ala Haze


1 Angel Kremdensada (PHP 50)

1 pack Mr. Gulaman White(PHP 10)

2 sachets of Nescafe Creamy White Mix (27.5 grams each)

Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee - 3 tbsps. 

3 Tbsp. sugar

1 tsp. vanilla

5 cups of water


1.Dissolve the Mr. Gulaman white powder in 5 cups of water in the pan where you will cook the gelatin. Don't turn the stove on yet. It is best to dissolve it in tap water first to avoid the formation of lumps and for an even consistency of the gelatin mix when cooked.

1. Add in 3 tbsp. of sugar, and 3 tbsp. of coffee. Mix well while heating it up. Don't wait for a rolling boil, just warm it up and once the small bubbles form on the edge, turn off the stove and pour the cooked coffee gelatin mixture into a tray or molder. 

2. Allow to cool and wait for it to set then cut into square pieces. Approximately thirty minutes is needed for the gelatin to cool down and set nicely.

 3. Gelatin is ready and set if it becomes shiny and firm.

4. Cut into small square pieces, I used a serrated bread knife for this purpose because I want my jelly squares to have an edge and lined marks. or presentation purposes only, you can use a regular knife if you want to.

5. Pour the cut gelatin into a mixing bowl and mix the cream and condense altogether. Mix well, add vanilla extract. For added coffee flavor, I add two sachets of Nescafe Creamy White mix as the finishing touch. Chill this mix in the fridge (do not freeze or store in the freezer section, the coffee jelly will become watery) for at least two hours and enjoy your Coffee Jelly ala Haze

Coffee Jelly ala Haze

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