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Happy Bread Day Event 2013 And My Winning Gardenia Sandwich It Entries

Last October 28, 2013, I attended the Happy Bread Day Event by Gardenia Philippines at the Glorietta Activity Center, Ayala Makati. The fun started at 10 am and there are numerous booths that offer free bread samples and
bread tasting. It was a whole day event where the loads of activities for the young and old alike were gamely participated with Gardenia breads as prizes. 

All the variants of the delicious and nutritious Gardenia breads were sold at factory price and for every 90 pesos purchase of Gardenia loaves, the G-lock of the  loaves purchased is placed on a Happy Bread Day wall for the “I shared bread” promo. I had two g-locks shared for this noble intention. Every G-lock shared means three loaves of breads that will be shared to the Cebu and Bohol Earthquake victims.

  I shared Bread!

The event was filled to the rafters as people from all walks of life came to witness this yearly Gardenia Event. It was good to see that all my favorite brands of spreads were there to lend support to the event. The one thing that is noticeable, there are lines everywhere but the people keep coming in and do their best to keep up with their system of sampling. Some lines take longer to process but the waiting reward was all worth the effort. 

The Pros: The huge crowd turn-out is the true evidence that the event was successful. FREE entrance. Bread samples with spreads overflow, even coffee, fruit juice, pasta, noodles, flavored breads, muffin (free for all), cream roll, wheat bread (nutritional counseling) and the excitement of the next big sandwich hit awarding ceremony. There is an entertainment show to keep the event lively. There are booths that are generous with their samples. I get to see all the chef’s creations and have an idea what sandwich I can prepare next. Drinking water is properly located and provided within the venue. There are booths for kids to enjoy (Fun Bun). The maintenance staff keeps the event place clean (like clockwork). The I shared bread and the loaves donation was the coolest booth. I get to see and meet celebrities like Isabelle Daza, Marion Aunor, and Regine Tolentino.  The best part – all of the Gardenia breads are sold at a discounted price. 

The Cons:  Some staff inside the event cannot control the crowd properly. Others will just sneak in from the back and they are already in front. Nutella booth is always out of samples. The venue is so small for such a big event. There are always lines that seem endless especially at the last part. At the cream roll booth, the staff refuse to hand my sample because, according to her I already liked the Gardenia FB page (I lined up for so long and signed in my FB but refuse to hand me a sample? Come on.) I suggest next time, the mechanics should be handed out CLEARLY so people will not waste time lining up for NOTHING. 

The Next Big Sandwich Hit Entries

All in all it’s a successful event but Gardenia Philippines should have anticipated the big crowd attendance. It’s a well loved product for the quality breads and dedicated service. People will be enticed to join and have fun, I hope the venue is bigger, because there are booths that are so cramped inside (Wheat Bread). I pity the kids who need to squeeze themselves in along with the adult especially on the nutrition and wellness bread area. 

This booth is the best and they don't limit their muffins per guest.A cheerful staff, not crowded and cramped area, this is how sampling should be.

Line ups....lines, anywhere you go....

 Happy Bread Day! Congrats Gardenia Philippines!

Hey Gardee! where's my bread??? 

Kids can't have enough of so much fun!

Ms. Regine Tolentino welcomes guests and danced onstage.

Gardenia products I bought.


The SandwichIt Facebook Promo

Before the Happy Bread Day Event, I had the opportunity to join the Gardenia Philippines' Sandwich It Facebook Promo. Two of my sandwich entries (Pink Salmon and Pimiento/Herbed Cheesy Omelet Sandwich) won in this promo. Along with my winning entries I am sharing here my usual sandwich fare and how I enjoy my Gardenia Breads…in so many awesome ways. 

A good sandwich indeed starts with a good bread and Gardenia never fails to impress me with its dedication to offering good quality, nutritious and guaranteed freshly baked bread.  For all the gift packs I got for this promo, Thank you so much Gardenia Philippines! I enjoyed making each one and sharing it on Facebook.  I also take this time to thank my supportive family and friends. Love u all! - HIR

Oh I Love Gardenia! <3

Pink Salmon and Pimiento Sandwich


600 gm. Gardenia White Bread

1 can Saba Pink Salmon (mashed)

1 pack Clara O’le Ranch Dressing

1 pack Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits (drained)

1 pack Eden Filled Cheese (grated)

1 pc, roasted bell pepper (homemade pimiento)

1 red onion  finely chopped

Stalk of celery and leaves, finely chopped

Fresh Lettuce

Salt and white pepper


 Mix all the ingredients except lettuce. Lay lettuce on the bread. Place the spread mix, and top with grated cheese.


Herbed Cheesy Omelet Sandwich


600 gm. Gardenia White Bread

Light Mayonnaise Spread

2  fresh whole eggs (beaten)

2 tomatoes (rings)

1 red onion (rings)

Tomato catsup (optional)

Herbs: oregano, Spanish paprika, thyme (pounded and mixed to the beaten eggs)

Filled Cheese (cut in squares)

Salt and white pepper

Canola Oil (for frying eggs)


Beat the eggs and mix in the herbs, salt and pepper. Pour half of the mix in the frying pan, then add the cheese squares on top, pour the remaining egg mixture over the cheese to make an omelet. Spread mayonnaise on both sides of the bread. Place the omelet slice, top with fresh tomato and onion rings. Add tomato catsup if you prefer.

Cheesy Tuna Clubhouse Sandwich


600 gm. Gardenia White Bread

1 can tuna flakes (drained)

Light Mayonnaise

Grated cheese

Salt and white pepper

Red onion finely chopped

Celery, finely chopped

Fresh Lettuce


Mix all ingredients in a bowl except lettuce. Spread mayonnaise on both sides of the bread, Lay the lettuce leaves and the spread mix. Cut the bread in wedges.


Corned Beef and Raisin Surprise


1 pack Gardenia California Raisin Loaf

1 can Purefoods Star Corned Beef

Light Mayonnaise Spread

Grated Cheese

White pepper

1 chopped garlic

Chopped onion

Fresh tomatoes (rings)

Fresh Onions (rings)

Olive oil


Saute onions, garlic and corned beef in olive oil. Set aside once cooked. Prepare the bread by spreading mayonnaise on each bread. Spread the cooked corned beef mix, top with grated cheese, fresh tomatoes and onions.


Lite Butter Sandwich


1 pack Gardenia Slim n’ Fit Wheaten Bread

Magnolia Gold Lite Butter (softened)


Take out butter and allow to stay in room temperature to soften and make it more spreadable. Once soft, spread evenly on all sides of the bread. Serve.


Gardenia Black Forest, best enjoyed as is!

Chocolate Muffins with real choco chips! 

the cook <3 Gardenia!


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