Friday, December 14, 2012

How To Store Uncooked Lumpia / Spring Rolls

You made big batches of lumpia for one occasion, or you fried enough for the guests to consume, but there were to store those uncooked lumpia /spring rolls without getting it soggy and soaked from the mix wrapped with it? You'd say, in the fridge... Yes! but how? I've always had problems storing uncooked rolls, I want it to be like when I fry a piece, it still maintains its first day freshness and crisp as you cook. I've learned that if
you store lumpia as is, there is a tendency for the mix to get soaked with the juices of the stuffing that makes the lumpia turn soggy when you fry it, or worse the lumpia filling gets spoiled because of the moisture even if it's inside the fridge.  

Here's how:

Take a freezer container, then dust the bottom with flour or cornstarch (any type of starch will do)the idea of using one is to keep the rolls moist free, as the cornstarch will abosrb the moisture when it's stored in the fridge.

Lay each rolls on the bottom, dust again with flour/starch, do not overcrowd the pack.repeat the sprinkling of flour as you add more layers of uncooked rolls. The flour or starch will soak up any excess liquid and moisture that gets absorbed by the spring roll wrappers.The flour/starch idea stores the lumpia, moist free.The flour/starch will also prevent the spring rolls from sticking to each other.

Try not to overcrowd each pack. 

 Seal the container and freeze. A pack can last a week with the lumpia/spring roll not getting soggy or moist at all. In addition, the flour or cornstarch adds crisp to the spring roll once fried and reduces the spoilage time.

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