Monday, May 27, 2013

Pansit Habhab (Special Lucban Noodles) and the IFEX 2013

During the last IFEX 2013 event in SMX-MOA Convention Center,I happen to discover  many varieties of noodles offered by every region in the Philippines.The biennial food fair that showcased more than 600 booths local and international showed the
ethnic food ingredients from every Asian country who participated during the four day event.The Philippines with its many islands each has their own versions of pansit judging from the many booths that offer different kinds of cooked noodles. What captures my attention most was the booth of the original Pansit Lucban Noodles. I immediately bought two packs as I know it is very seldom I can find this whole wheat flour noodles from Quezon. Even in the local market it is not available here in Cavite. The authentic way of eating Pansit Habhab was to place it on a banana leaf with a few drops of vinegar or calamansi. Pansit Habhab is one of the traditional dishes that tells so much about the culture of the locals of Lucban. In their tradition It is the pansit that can be eaten without the use of a plate.

Cooking it was very easy as the noodle is already pre seasoned. Sautéing my usual pansit ingredients and preparing the broth was such a breeze. It does not require many vegetables as the flavorful pansit is enough to make one have another plate and enjoy another serving of the famous noodles from Lucban. Listed below is the ingredients and procedure I made for enjoying Pansit Lucban at home. The Pansit Habhab was very tasty, I would suggest not adding much water so as not to make the noodles soggy. A soggy noodle dish is very unappealing to eat as I may add. Have all fresh ingredients prepared ahead for an organized pansit cooking. Once all ingredients are cooked, add the broth, noodles and cover it, a quick simmer whips up this traditional dish that is perfect for snack and as a full meal.

The original is always the best.


500 gms. Pansit Lucban

¼ boiled chicken breast

½ cup oyster sauce

½ cup sweet hoisin sauce

1 piece Sayote, cut into strips

1 carrot strips

2 bundles pechay or cabbage

1 head garlic

1 white onion cut into rings (for garnish)

Olive oil

4 cups broth from boiled chicken bones

Salt and pepper


Pre boil chicken breast, set aside broth for chicken stock later. Shred the chicken meat and discard the bones.
Saute onion , garlic, carrots and sayote. Add  a dash of salt and pepper. Set aside.

Bring to a  boil the 4 cups of broth. Add oyster sauce and sweet hoisin sauce. Season well with salt and pepper. Add noodles to the boiling broth. Mix the cabbage and pre cooked vegetables. Stir well and mix evenly. Season to taste. Serve.

 The Lucban noodles itself has a special taste and may not need anything else to accompany it. But for a complete meal – freshly cooked veggies and other kinds of meat may be added.

Another version I made where I used pork, squid balls and pechay.

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