Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tofu Pansit Buko (Sauteed Young Coconut Strips in Tofu and Veggies)

Pansit Buko or Buko Guisado is basically a typical pansit dish without the usual starchy noodles and substituting it with buko or grated young coconut. This dish originated in Laguna - Quezon provinces in the Philippines, where there is an abundance of coconut trees.
I simplified my version by using tofu and oyster sauce as additional taste for my broth. ~ HIR.

2 pcs. of  freshly grated young coconut, choose the "magulang" kind, not the mala uhog.


freshly cut veggies- carrots, beans,napa cabbage,sayote and celery.
1 grated young coconut
2 cups buko water
one block tofu
10 boiled quail eggs
oyster sauce
olive oil
salt and pepper
chives and parsley

 boiled and peeled quail eggs  for garnish or toppings.


Deep fry tofu and cut into bite pieces,set aside.Heat Olive oil,saute onions, garlic. Add fresh veggies, oyster sauce and buko water, add buko and cook for 2 minutes, do not overcook. Serve with calamansi and soy sauce.

another way of presenting coconut dish aside from the usual salad dishes.

light and filling to the tummy...a nice comforting food to come home to after a busy day.

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