Friday, February 22, 2013

Cheesy Tuna Wheat Rolls

Yesterday, despite the non - stop rains I attended The Bakery Fair 2013 7th International Exhibition at The World Trade Center Manila. A 3 day event that  features bakery, confectionery and food service , equipment and supplies. It showcased  400 booths that offered a variety of baked goods and free pastry making lessons. I came armed with three things,
my fully charged camera,my registration sticker and my appetite that even the heavy downpour of rain can not dampen.  

Upon entrance,I was greeted by a huge Chinese welcome banner with a glassed waterfall in the middle. I took photo after photo of each cake entries at the  Cake Display Exhibition, making use of the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” theme. Creativity and patience on each cake shines thru. I felt proud for the Filipino pastry chefs who rendered a sweet interpretation of our nationalism. Other cakes were themed after the Chinese New Year Animals. Which looked more meticulous to prepare but equally colorful. The atmosphere was festive, because there were lots of  food sampling , free giveaways and free baking lessons. I get attracted by the sweet smell of newly baked breads and pastries. I learned so many new things in just half of my day there. I bought a small wooden rolling pin and two sets of ceramic serving dishes for just 100 pesos. Most of the famous brands offered their products with special discounts for that event.Coffee was free flowing.

I found the Gardenia booth as the most informative, colorful and offered lots of freebies. They gave free nutrition counselling, Bread Sampling and Bread Selling. I had the Cranberry Wheat Loaf, same with Dates and Walnuts loaf slices (the best!) , there was a walk-in tour about how Gardenia Breads started and came into it’s own recognition.I learned that their factory is fully automated and computer controlled,untouched by human hands.The factory has the largest, most advanced and large scale bread manufacturing facility located in LIIP, Binan, Laguna. Free group tours can be arranged to visit their plant.

It's always been my brand of choice when it comes to wheat bread and pandesal, because I am assured of its quality fresh breads everyday. I know that each time I buy a pack of Gardenia Bread, I also get great nutrition and good  value for my money.  Here is one of the recipes I made using Gardenia High Fiber Whole Wheat Bread, Cheesy Tuna Wheat Rolls, It is my wrapped bread roll version but not deep fried like the usual version we know of. Another way to enjoy fish meat in this season of Lent.


1 can tuna flakes in vegetable oil,drained.

200 gms, mayonnaise

100 gms cheese- grated

1 red onion, finely chopped

chopped celery

grated carrots

salt and pepper

1 tsp. sugar
400 gms, Gardenia High Fiber Whole Wheat bread, flattened.
10 pieces fresh lettuce leaves


Make  Tuna Spread by mixing first 8 ingredients.
flatten wheat bread in flat surface with a rolling pin. Don't cut out the edges because it's loaded with protein. Place Tuna Spread on wheat bread, lay lettuce leaf on top and spread another layer 
of tuna spread on the lettuce. Roll, and cut into rings once served.

A little trivia, Gardenia was the first to use the G-lock on its packaging. The G-lock, is a small powerful clip that seals in the breads freshness.

Had so much fun on this event, Thanks Gardenia!

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