Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spaghetti Guisado

Pansit or Spaghetti? confused what to cook? why not combine it? 

Special occasions like birthdays always have pansit or spaghetti, which stems from the belief that the long strands of the noodles means a wish for long life to a birthday celebrant and since  those long strands of noodles represent long life and good health; they must not be cut short so as
not to corrupt the symbolism.

  Just the other day I googled if there is a recipe about sauteed pasta as I want to come up with a new dish using pasta, there are already many versions of pinoy spaghetti and other pasta dishes, I need to come up with something new, something that will make a guest fancy how a fusion of dishes can be enjoyed.  I happen to buy a pack of spaghetti the other day and when I check the back of the package, it has a recipe for Spaghetti Guisado, a version of spaghetti and pansit mixed together, great idea! sometimes recipes on back labels are helpful when you are contemplating on what is the next dish to prepare for special occasions, here is how i came up with my version of Spaghetti Guisado. - HIR

here is where it all started. :)


450 gms, Sunshine Spaghetti
1/4 boiled chicken (deboned and flaked, reserve the broth or chicken stock)
1/4 boiled chicken livers, sliced .
1 pack chicken balls,quartered, fried.
1 head cabbage
12 pieces boiled quail eggs
2 medium size carrots, cut into strips
1/4 beans
1/4 snow peas
2 pcs. red and green bell pepper
1 large red onion
1 head garlic
stalks of chinese parsley (kinchay), fiinely chopped
3 tbsps, oyster sauce
3 tbsps soy sauce
olive oil
1 tbps. sugar
salt and pepper
olive oil

it's not on what brand of noodles used but how well you cook your pasta, I have been using this pasta, not only because it is cheaper than the branded ones but for it's good quality, the firmness and al dente that I wanted is  always consistent. :)

Bring to a rolling boil, 4- liters of water in a deep pot for every 500 gms of spaghetti. Put 2 tbsps. salt then add 2 tbsps. cooking oil when water starts to boil. Add pasta to rapidly boiling water.

Keep boiling uncovered. Stir occasionally to prevent spaghetti from sticking together, cook for 8 to ten minutes. Do not overcook.

Drain cooked spaghetti in strainer or colander, do not wash under tap water. one common mistake is washing the pasta, washing makes the pasta soggy.

Here is the technique for the pasta not to get dry or soggy while the sauce is being cooked, in a big bowl, mix olive oil and a little butter, pour in the  strained pasta and toss well, coat evenly, and allow to cool.

Cooking Procedure:

Fry the quartered chicken balls in olive oil and corn oil mix, and set aside. To be used as toppings later.

In the same oil, saute onions and garlic. Toast some garlic for toppings later.

Add in stripped carrots and beans, give it a quick stir fry.

Add the flaked chicken and chicken balls, mix well.

Set aside stir fried vegetable mix in a plate.

Prepare the broth, a mix of the reserved chicken stock, oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt and pepper and sugar. Bring to a rolling boil.

Pour in the pre cooked spaghetti, lower the heat once the noodles is mixed.

Toss evenly, making sure each strand is coated by the broth.

Mix in cabbage and  sauteed veggies.

Add chinese parsley, red bell pepper, snow peas and onion rings. Turn the heat off.

Serve and garnish with quail eggs, toasted garlic,chicken balls, kinchay, chicken livers and veggies.

Yes...may spaghetti ka na, may pansit ka pa! 

Happy Eating and Happy Birthday! ! !

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