Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lumpiang Isda (Fish Spring Roll)

Lumpia is the Filipino version of the Asian spring/egg roll which can be served as a side dish or an appetizer.  I grew up making this dish, on birthdays, fiestas or as everyday part of our menu. When we were kids me and my siblings had so much fun making it. I sometimes term it our family

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giniling Guisado (Sauteed Ground Pork)

Giniling Guisado (Sauteed Ground Pork)

In the Philippines, this dish is fairly popular especially at street side eateries, called Turo-TurO, It came out with many names such as, afritadang giniling, tinadtad, and down to its most common name, "turo-turong giniling". I share my own simple version of Giniling Guisado using lean part of ground pork, fresh tomatoes and catsup for additional flavor and color. This dish is very flexible as you can come up with a myriad of dishes from this mix like,

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sardinas Pancit Sotanghon (Bean Thread Noodles with Sardines in Tomato Sauce)

Sardines is a perfect comfort food during rainy days,I usually have sardines as is, squeezed with lime and few drops of fish sauce on top, as simple as that. Some households cook it with miswa,a very thin variety of salted Chinese noodles made from wheat flour. My version used vermicelli or bean thread noodles, but not cooked in soup style, i prepared it in guisado or sauteed version. I also added lots

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Biko Langka

Biko Langka (Rice Cake w/ Jackfruit)

Biko is a Filipino rice cake made from sticky rice (locally known as malagkit), coconut milk, and brown sugar. Like other rice cakes, this is referred to as kakanin (derived from the word “kanin” which means rice) and is often eaten as dessert or meryenda (mid-afternoon snack). My version added

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