Monday, May 30, 2016

Strawberry Jelly Lava Cake

Making a gelatin based dessert has always been the task assigned to me since I started cooking at the age of 9. I got used to sticking with the basic ingredients I used back then; 3 whole eggs, 1 cup of white sugar, and 2 bars of gulaman bars purchased in the local market. If time
permits, I will try to recreate what my mother taught me in another blog entry. It's been a long time since I have made this quick recipe. 

Nowadays, gulaman can be easily made and cheap. There are now flavored gulaman ready mixes that can be bought in different flavors and colors.Out of joining numerous food groups on Facebook, I got reintroduced to this staple ingredient when a selfless member shared this sweet recipe. It became a "trending" recipe and almost everyone has tried to recreate the yummy dessert dish. Driven by my curiosity, I tried creating it once I got hold of the technique and the idea of how to incorporate a prepared lava cake with a flavored gulaman mix. It was a big hit at home and the cost is budget friendly as well, another quick recipe on my list. I am sharing the cost along with the two techniques that I applied to make the jelly mixture creamy, smooth, firm when set, and not watery.

Here is how I came up with my version of a quick recipe - Strawberry Jelly Lava Cake.


4 cups water (for the gelatin mix)

Lava Cake 1 box - 55.50

Cowbell Condensed Milk 300 ml. - 27.35

Alaska Crema - 41.00

Mr. Gulaman red (strawberry) - 10.00

Cheese- Daily Quezo- 32.00

Total Cost - Php 165.85
(As of April 2016)


 1.Arrange the lava cake in your chosen molder. I used my rectangular Tupperware container.

2.Prepare the jelly mixture by mixing one sachet red Mr. Gulaman (strawberry flavor) in 4 cups mineral water. The first technique is to keep it within 4 cups only to avoid a watery dessert later. Stir until it's fully dissolved.

3.Make sure all lumps are melted and keep stirring before moving the mixture into a low fire stove.

4.In low fire, keep stirring the red gulaman until the mix is totally cooked and dissolved.

5. Take it off the stove and add the condensed milk. Keep stirring.


6.Add in the all purpose cream, keep stirring.

7.This is the second technique to have a smooth and even consistency, bring it back to the stove and cook the whole mixture in low heat. Continue stirring until the smooth consistency is achieved.

8.Pour the mixture over the ready lava cake pieces.

9. While cooling down, make it a point to press down the cake with a fork so the bottom part gets an even coating of the gelatin mix. I call this the sink the titanic part!

10.Once its totally cooled down, invert the jelly lava cake from the molder and add grated cheese on top.

11. Done. Chill before serving.

How to know if it's perfectly done? If it has a sharp edge consistency and the gelatin mix is firm and not watery.

All done in just one hour. 

Taste and quality testing- passed! The sweet texture of the dish is just fine and the slight saltiness from the grated cheese evens out the flavor. The mix of delicious flavors bursts in every bite! 

 Strawberry Jelly Lava Cake
Don't be shy to share this recipe and the calories! 

Thanks! until my next food blog! 

Strawberry Jelly Lava Cake

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