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Ground Chicken and Basil Pasta - All About Plagiarism And Magic Palayok!

Magic Palayok is a food group that I have recently joined on Facebook where I really enjoyed sharing and learning anything about local and international cuisine. I wanted to check out food groups on FB that will share the same ideals and passion that I have in
cooking so I hit search about Pinoy Food, and it lead me to discover this wonderful food group that puts great value on content sharing while having a fun and lively atmosphere on food discussions. What makes this food group different from any other food groups on Facebook is they know how to respect other people’s work. Credit all the admins (20 dedicated  individuals with passion for food) that work 24/7 to keep the spirit of camaraderie, rapport and engaging conversations about cuisine, kitchen ideas, and love for food interesting all throughout each shared post by its active members. In addition, on this group you can ask anything about food and someone will readily answer how they prepare it and give tips on how to make the preparation. All the members gamely and actively participate in discussions, it's like having a next door neighbor where you can ask what they cook in their kitchen, it's like being home, Magic Palayok is like one big FAMILY.

Recently, there has been a lengthy discussion in the group
about the issue of plagiarism. When it comes to sharing content, it is my personal rule that I will only share food or dish that I created. And if ever I need to share, I must acknowledge the chef or the creator of the dish (linking back their site or giving them proper citation here in my blog).  I have this commitment to deliver factual, interesting, and informative articles about the dish I prepared in my blog site, do my own photography, and write my own original content. Another personal rule, I don't take pictures of food i eat outside and share on my social sites for two simple reasons; everyone else is already doing it and I am so hungry when i am outside that I can't find time to photograph the food and just choose to enjoy it first than take time to capture it on my camera. 

The one thing that I admire most about our food group is how the administrators emphasize the value of shared content and if members choose to share net grabbed images of food and recipe, they must acknowledge their source. I like that kind of commitment and sincerity. I have seen other food groups who kept sharing content (even its admins) without respect at all to the real owner of the shared recipe, and even pass on the recipe as their own. There was one food admin (in another FB Food group, which I prefer not to mention) who believes and even assert on her posts that “there is no such thing as an original recipe”. Yes I agree, but there is such a very clear thing as RESPECT for other people’s effort. We all want to share information, but PROPER recipe attribution and citation is an important part of sharing content.

 This is what I learned during my training for Creative SEO Writing; there are two kinds of plagiarism, ACCEPTABLE and UNACCEPTABLE plagiarism. ACCEPTABLE PLAGIARISM means acknowledging the source or linking back the image or content to the original owner of the shared INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. UNACCEPTABLE PLAGIARISM means, not giving any due credit or linking back the website where the content was derived from and sharing it on a public domain and claiming ownership of the image or content published.

 Always give credit to whom credit is due, acknowledge your sources because on this time and age ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can be traced back through the use of Google images and online content checkers. I am very much against the "copy and paste mentality", I love this group (Magic Palayok) and we have so many talented cooks there who create and share their dishes SELFLESSLY. I fully support this group with its aim for originality and showing respect for other peoples work. Everyone shares their homemade dishes, kitchen tips, and techniques all for the love of food in an atmosphere that is laid back, lively and fun. 

"There is nothing like Filipino Food!" to quote the great Nora Daza. I believe in our cuisine so much, and we have lots to offer to the world. Not a plagiarized photograph of a boy with seaweed on his head. 


Here is a dish that I prepared for my MP family. My upgraded version of Pinoy Spaghetti but with no ketchup, and making use of my home made locally sourced Italian Seasoning. And before I forget,

 Happy1st Year Anniversary Magic Palayok!

Congrats! Everyone deserves a pat in the back for making the group a huge success.

Ground Chicken and Basil Pasta


¼ kilo ground chicken

500 gms. Amigo Segurado Spaghetti (cooked as per package directions)

1 pack 200 gms Clara Ole’ Three Cheese Pasta Sauce.

¼ kilo Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs (sliced diagonally)

½ the content of Reno Liver Spread

Grated Cheese For Toppings

2 stalks Celery, finely chopped.

1 medium sized red bell pepper, finely chopped

Fresh Basil Leaves, chiffonade cut.

1 red onion

1 head garlic

Salt and Pepper

Olive oil

2 cups pasta water (to thin out the sauce)

Herbs: (pounded with a little salt)

¼ tsp each of thyme, oregano, rosemary, paprika, and white pepper

1 whole bay leaf.

Cook Amigo Segurado Pasta according to package directions, drain and set aside.
Sauté onions and garlic in olive oil.

Mix in hotdogs and ground chicken meat. Add the pounded herbs and sear the meat thoroughly. Throw in the celery and bell pepper.

Add the Clara Ole’ Three Cheese pasta sauce. Add pasta water, mix and simmer in low heat.

Add half of the Reno Liver Spread and keep stirring until the desired thickness and consistency. Put salt and pepper, adjust the taste, add sugar and fish sauce at the end part of cooking. Turn the heat off once desired thickness and taste is achieved. 

Pour over cooked Amigo Segurado Pasta.


Just Keep Cooking! :)

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