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About Me.


Don't mess with the cook! :)

"To blog is to let go of your writing in a way."

I created this blog page to show that home cooked meals are easy to do and more affordable. I aim to provide budget friendly recipes that can be easily replicated at home by non - professional cooks like me. I am Hazel Ramos - the recipe writer, cook, and food photographer of this page. I create dishes that specializes on Filipino and Asian Cuisine. I love to cook and make

fusions of Filipino dishes with other International dish. I learned and got my culinary training from the best cook at home - my Mama. 

 It may be gray...but the memories stay.
Thank you mama, for being an inspiration to all of us. 
I dedicate this cooking blog page in your honor.

My late mama Ethel was a great cook armed with a Culinary Education degree (BS-ED Home Economics) she cooked her authentic dishes with much know how and skill. At age 9, I was tasked to be her assistant in the kitchen because we have a small eatery outside our home that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For more than 20 years, selling home cooked meals was our family's main source of income. I grew up watching and learning from her, which is something I cherish close to my heart. Making her traditional dishes again is like reliving her love for cooking, but with me at the helm of the kitchen now. This is my way of documenting the experience and knowledge that she has taught me all these years. It is also a fulfillment of a promise that I will continue her legacy and love for cooking.

I did not attend any culinary school, nor does my course have something to do with cooking. I learn by being observant and taking down notes as my mother whip up a hearty meal. My love for food and passion to cook guides me, plus the never ending curiosity about how a dish is made. I believe that techniques are never written in a recipe or cook book. That there is nothing better than making something you labored hard on your own at the kitchen. Personally, I prefer home cooked meals than fast-food. For practical reasons, I'm not a big fan of eating out and prefers home cooked meals more. I remake my late mama's dishes and give it my own version and I do this in honor of the cooking skills and techniques I learned from her. To further hone up this skill I watch culinary shows on TV and cooking demos online and do my own research about every dish conceptualized on this page.

From my travels I learn about food in every place I go, which excites me as it expands my culinary adventures. The main reason why I share my recipes here is to show cooking is easy if you put your heart into it. That recipes are just guides and it's up to the cook to innovate a dish to their own taste. Some will take pictures of what they ate and where they dine, my challenge here is I will only show food that I make at home or anywhere I am invited, and do my own food photography as well.

In a way, this also serves as my online reference if I can duplicate the success (and failure) of every dish I cook in my modest kitchen.

i am the cook!

Enjoy browsing as I have enjoyed planning and making each dish. ♥

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